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Vrbas Family || Utah Family Photographer

January 30, 2018

Oh gosh…this session emulates everything I love about family photography. Sometimes there is no chance of posing, the kids are unhappy, and as a parent you panic a bit because you aren’t sure how we will get ANY good photos from whats going on at the moment. But, here’s the thing: I LOVE shoots like this. I love watching you do anything and everything silly and playful that you can think of to make your kids happy. I love following you around as you race, explore, climb trees and rocks, blow the dandelions, and play hide and seek. Honestly, isn’t that what having kids is about normally anyway? Why would we try and force fake smiles and poses when we can catch the real life and authenticity that is life with small children? It’s beautiful and these days are fleeting. The untucked messy shirts, the fancy necklaces your 2 year old insists on wearing, the chubby baby knuckles, and the runny noses. Let’s capture the realness of these moments so that we can look back and treasure those memories in the years to come.
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