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I grew up in Wyoming, and it was AWESOME. The Tetons are my special place, as I'm sure you've noticed by now mulling over my website. I currently reside in Northern Utah, nestled at the base of the Wasatch front in the Ogden area. I can't live without my mountains.

I feel most at peace in the mountains or on a gloomy PNW beach with all the chaotic waves. I feel most inspired in places like that and love to combine people with landscapes to create art thats meaningful, personal, and magical.

I have two kids and a blue heeler. I love golfing, snowboarding, hiking, bicycle rides, playing music, and doing puzzles. I'll never say no to tacos. Thats pretty much all there is to me. 

I married the love of my life, Ty, in 2019 in an elopement in Mt. Rainier National Park surrounded by our immediate family. It honestly was the BEST day of my life! It was centered around family, love, and nature, and that right there is why I'm so passionate about my job.

im just a girl who loves new boots. and new boot goofin.

Find and love on all the dogs at the wedding.

my Philosophy

Here's my fam.
They're everything.

| Weather thats above 90 degrees. No thank you.
| Tomato, yuck. Replace that T in the BLT with more B. BLB.
| Stepping in a bit of water while wearing socks. Ew David. 
| Top 40 music stations. 


| Desert + Mountain + Coast- YES YES YES TO ALL I LOVE THEM
| Fall + Winter Clothing
| Popcorn. Errynight.
| Golfing at least once a week. 
| Sweet Tango apples