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Kailey is my girl. We met about 3 years ago when she took my family pictures, and ever since we have been friends! We’ve attended workshops and classes, parties, second shot each other’s weddings, and laughed together a lot. We wanted to attend a workshop this summer in Iceland, but the dates didn’t work out […]

Trevin and Michelle are another couple that I feel like I really got to know through their wedding process, and I was so sad when it was all over! They are so sweet together and super lovey dovey which makes my job so easy. They had an amazing wedding and reception which I will have […]

Considering it was literally zero degrees outside (not even kidding, I got frostbite the next day at that session), I felt like we had a victory here. Winter is a hard time to shoot…red ears, noses, runny noses, off white balance…but then theres the snow and its just so pretty!  Maggie and Brady were fun […]

The weather this day was terrible… luckily it worked out in our favor though! The mountain was a winter wonderland and in town it was green and rainy. So we kind of got the best of winter and fall for photos! This family was great to work with and I’m so glad to have met […]

This was a COLD day. But the way the snow was blowing around in little flurries and how the light illuminated each and every snowflake was incredible. Shelby and Jacob were sweet as could be and we had a great time taking photos!