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my mom + kelli

December 6, 2013

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Some of you may know that my dog was diagnosed with an aggressive and late stage cancer recently. My mom wanted some photos of her and Kelli before I left town. Kelli is a member of our family. I got her for my birthday from my Grandpa (who also passed away from cancer earlier this year) when I was 13. She has been nothing short of a sibling to me.  As a teen, I suffered from very serious depression. Kelli got me through some really tough years and always reminded me that I was and am loved. Kelli’s cancer is getting worse and worse everyday, and we are not sure how much longer we will have with her. Hopefully I can get some pictures of myself with her before we must put her down as well. Kelli is like a child to my parents. She works at my dad’s law firm (true story, she greets all the clients) and goes everywhere with my mom. She is never left at home. She has her own bed made out of a tempurpedic mattress and licks all our plates clean before we put them in the dishwasher. She gets a rawhide every night at 8 o’clock sharp, and never lets anyone forget about it. I’m the only member of my family that she will really give kisses to. From the time she was a puppy until now, we have never had to punish her. Every single time she has done something bad, (examples: getting into the trash and making a mess, biting Brynn (just the one time), chase the cat, eat something she’s not supposed to etc.) she punishes herself worse than we would even punish her. She obeys and lets me hug her however I please. She is a saint when my 2 year old daughter annoys her.

She was my maid of honor.

She is my best friend.

She is my therapist.

She is my sister.

I took the first two pictures the day before we found out she was sick.



The following photos were taken about a week following her emergency surgery.

(She had emergency surgery 2 days after the top photos were taken)





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  1. Kristie Perkins says:

    Love the pics. Thanks Ash

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